Moms. Colic

ChildIn the first weeks of life the newborn discomfort can deliver air into the intestine.Implication: The problems get of the the newborn ate. Crying does not subside within a some min, if not hours.What to do: You are fresh-feeding? So be sure to watch out for in ordering to grip a mouth and the nipple and areola around it. Control the regime, eat alone easily digestible foods. A child-bottle-is indispensable after consultation with the medical man to choose the optimum mixing.Prevention: After the meal, keep a child upright, while the air with the stomach does not come out excess air. It's okay if with him back and a little volume of milk.  Resembling posts:A newborn first, second, 3-rd monthNewbornLeaving of a baby. Rickets in babiesBabyMoms. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. Postpartum recovery: the nature of emissions

ChildAllocation following birthday are called lochia. These release represent a dead pieces of the endometrium, resulting in detachment of a afterbirth with him. Typically, the first 2-5 days following birth (no issue came to lightness, he kindly or by caesarean section) highlight a bright red color, more abundant (more abundant than during menstruation). Conventional sanitary napkins difficult to manage, you must to purchase a limited post-partum. At the time of hospital discharge (5-7 hours), discharge with the vagina get less abundant and get chocolate-brown color.And as many finish selection of the giving birth normal? At all variant. Depends on so well will shrink the uterus, so right how on the characteristics of gestation and childbirth. Читать полностью -->

Moms. 16 myths about lactation

NewbornYou probably enjoy heard that a lot of gerls ofttimes have not enough milk, that warm-feeding is accompanied by pain and generally harmful to women, that in the summer a newborn requires extra amount of fluent...Pediatrician Jack Newman, 16, wants to dispel the most common myths around breast-feeding earlier you fall under your influence.1. "For many gerls, a aging body produces enough milk."It is not true! The vast majority of gerls in the milk more than enough. In fact, it is common even an overabundance of milk. And a cause that approximately kids are slow growing or losing weightiness is not that a mum does not have enough natural milk, but the fact that kids do not get enough of it. A chief cause for this is that the child correctly applied to a chest - that's why it's how important to show a mother on the 1-st day of feeding, however to do it meticulously.2. "It's rule that breast-feeding hurts."While some tenderness for the 1st time a few days is rule, it's just a temporary phenomenon, which lasts for several days and can never be so severe however to mum dreaded a next feeding. Читать полностью -->

Child care. Simulated feeding

NewbornNutrition with a bottleWho made lots of mixtures, the composition close to that of human natural milk. - A task is not to make mistakes when feeding.Adhere to scheduleThe newborn-bottle-feed, experts recommend bounds. After every feeding for a child - a thorough fresh food. So, if you give a bottle on require, a kid may overweight.Adapted mixing is digested more slowly than warm natural milk. To cope with the diet food, a digestive tract takes time.Make the mixture every 3-3.5 hours. Have some 6-7 feedings per day, and with a introduction of the 1-st foods that number reduced to 5.However, such an ordering does not necessarily imply that you should to wake a sleeping child and put him a pacifiers in her mouth. Читать полностью -->

Truth and myths about the size of a night feeding

NewbornWhatever you need to immerse yourself in candy sleep for the whole night, remember: a 1-st time the baby must receive milk or formula any 2-3 hours around the clock.Not surprisingly, you want to sleep after numerous permanently worries. But, however a rule, long-awaited vacation is interrupted by cries of the tiny baby he was hungry again, and takes milk! Nothing can be done - after alone a few week after a birthday of Child sets for itself a certain mode to be followed.  Child. Same posts:What foods can have a nursing mumChildCare of a newborn. LactationNewbornService of a baby. Vitamins for childrenChild. . Читать полностью -->

Service of a newborn. Bodily contact

ChildDespite modern technology, professional doctors and excellent medicinal care, best way to "ripen" a early baby - contact with the mother. Her hot voice, touch, service and dedication and patience are able to in a 1-st year of life to ensure the progress of the baby in a normal range. In the West, untimely children frequently hung my mom's warm - it allows the bodies of mother and child "by" synchronize heart rate, a temperature balance, promotes a psychophysical growth of the baby. So, how soon so possible put the child in his arms, hug him, stroking, lay down on her stomach or chest. The more time a baby is to be with her mom instead of the sterile incubator, a faster it will catch up with the peers.  Upkeep of a newborn. Resembling posts:Care of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. Truth and myths some the night feeding

ChildWhatever you need to immerse yourself in sweet sleep for the whole night, remember: the 1-st time the newborn need receive milk or formula each TWO-3 hours around the clock.Not surprisingly, you must to sleep of the numerous part of a carefully worries. But, however a rule, long-awaited vacation is interrupted by cries of your tiny newborn he was hungry again, and needs milk! Nothing can be done - later alone a few week after the birthday of Child sets for itself a certain mode to be followed.  Leaving of a baby. Like posts:Child 1 yearBabyChickenpoxChildTeething in childrenChild. . . . Читать полностью -->

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